Super Egobama

In a speech meant to provide the simple information that Osama Bin Laden had finally been located and  killed, President Obama managed to refer to himself ten times, many of which sounded like he was taking personal credit for the event. It was unseemly to do so, but not unexpected.

Obama is running for re-election with poll numbers lower than he would like, so getting a political boost from this is a collateral benefit he can certainly use. He will get that benefit regardless of whether or not it was earned, therefore, blatantly focusing on himself was unnecessary. It reeks of egotism and it displays an elite disdain for the average American’s intelligence.

Obama could have mentioned that one of his administration’s goals was to stop the intelligence gathering techniques that were responsible for finding Bin Laden. He could have mentioned he was adamant about closing down Gitmo where much of that intelligence was gathered. He could have mentioned that Bush set us on the course that led to this success and that course was continued in spite of campaign pledges to do otherwise.

That, however, would have taken class, and Obama has not demonstrated a “superior” understanding of class. He has, however, occasionally substituted crass for class, and he did so by politically personalizing this grave and welcome announcement. There is little doubt the media will help Obama take as much credit as possible, fueling his already substantial ego.

Perhaps Obama should stick to trading sarcastic insults with Donald Trump and gossiping on the View. It seems to be right up his alley. It could also lead to a TV reality show once he leaves office, at which time he would become a true “American Idle”. There’s a bit of  “hope and change” many would like to see.

David J. Hentosh


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2 Responses to “Super Egobama”

  1. Mystapiit Says:

    You read my mind with these comments. It is amazing how he always makes it about himself. Even O’Reilly was stunned to learn that waterboarding of KSM was a big part of this kill. This is big news as well as Rendition, Gitmo and wiretapping. All which Obama has publicly denounced.

  2. freedom fighter Says:

    As usual, Hentosh is right on!

    Too bad Obama isn’t “blaming” this one on Bush.

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