LaRaza Mob Shouts Down AZ Attorney General Interview

The Attorney General of Arizona is driven away from his interview and off the State Capitol grounds; this is disgraceful.  There was a time when men such as Mr. Horne would stand their ground and push the protesters back.  Now we cower in silence and retreat.  Look how far we have come, America.  And this will only continue to get worse.  The video poster asks, “Where were the Capitol Police?”  More importantly, where is the outrage and push-back from patriotic Americans?  The blame is on ourselves alone.  We have no organization to counter the hispanic-supremacist agenda of LaRaza, no organization to counter the lies and hate of those who wish to reclaim all of the Southwest back to Mexico.  We have no organization that stands up for the collective interests and rights of European-Americans.


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One Response to “LaRaza Mob Shouts Down AZ Attorney General Interview”

  1. Olivia Says:

    Please go to “governor of Georgia illegal aliens” and see what he has done in his state. We MUST have more people like him. And to the Attorney General of Arizona, … I say to you, you are just another gutless wonder in our country taking a check from taxpayers for NOT representing OUR citizens. Please resign from your job. Your actions are nauseating.

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