Local Politics by TJC Member

From TJC Member Larry Breeden in the Bucks County Courier Times:

Like so many others in Upper Makefield I paid little attention over the years to the governing of the township. We busied ourselves with our careers and raising our families. When I first moved here in 1973 the taxes were low, population small and there was little development. Things changed considerably.

The thrust of my career has been in exercising fiscal responsibility in the organizations with which I worked. My career spanned almost 40 years in the financial arena. It was in private industry, banking, financial consulting and the government, when I worked with the Resolution Trust Corp. during the savings and loan crisis.

After the recent demonstration of fiscal irresponsibility by the township supervisors in trying to foist a 22 percent tax increase upon residents, I have now decided to get involved by running for the position of township supervisor.

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One Response to “Local Politics by TJC Member”

  1. Bob Guzzardi Says:

    If we don’t know what they are doing, we can’t hold them, our elected, accountable, can we? And they know it.

    An Online Checkbook with all disbursements by name, date and amount and all sources of income is an idea whose time has come. It is technologically feasible, politically viable and very affordable. Every bank provides these records, electronically, to all its customers, without additional cost.

    And every Municipal and County Contract, particularly, no bid and single source contracts, needs to be scanned online with commercially available technology and online tools.

    Spending and Sunshine are the key issues for November 2011

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