Obama’s Amnesty for Illegals

President Obama was on the campaign trail in El Paso trying to convince all that the immigration reform he promised to accomplish during his first year in office is still coming – if only the Republicans would get out of the way. Deriding Republicans by sarcastically wondering if they’ll next want to build a moat with alligators along the border, Obama did not explain his administration’s deliberate failure to secure that border.

Obama did not mention amnesty, but that is his definition of “comprehensive immigration reform”. His speech emphasized legalization of illegals rather than the security of the border. Stating that “those who are here illegally have a responsibility”, he said they will have to pay taxes, pay a fine, learn English, then get in line for legalization. He did not say they would go to the back of the line because that is not the intention of his amnesty.

In an attempt to put his immigration plan on the fast track, he tied it to the economy by saying that immigration reform is an “economic imperative” and “smart for our economy”. He did not tell us how badly illegal immigrants are  abusing and burdening our government’s social programs because that would weaken his case. Assuring all that the country benefits from the immigration of the best and brightest, he did not mention that the best and brightest immigrants usually do not sneak across the border illegally.

Until the border is secure, real immigration reform is not possible. In 2006, legislation was passed to build a fence along 700 miles of the Mexican border. Only 32 miles of that fence has been built and only 4.3 of those miles during Obama’s administration. The first step for Obama should be to obey and enforce laws pertaining to illegal immigration. Then, maybe, he could actually address “comprehensive” immigration reform. His actions so far have been incomprehensible, except when it comes to amnesty.

David J. Hentosh


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