Europe Facing Open Border Problems

Denmark is part of Europe’s ‘Schengen’ area (not including Britain and Ireland) allowing passport-free travel with no internal border controls. This is a long-held practice that was adopted by the European Union in 1999 and has been a proud part of the EU’s politically correct agenda. Currently, however, Denmark is re-instituting controls at its border with Germany and Sweden in an effort to stop increased crime and illegal immigration caused by the open border.

The EU does not allow its members to have full border controls, so Denmark will struggle to stay within the EU guidelines while trying to control immigration. Italy’s granting of residence status to more than 25,000 Arabs last month flooded the “Schengen’ area that was already inundated with immigrants. It also forced France to close a railway entrance to the country from Italy and begin checking immigrant’s papers more closely.

The EU has acknowledged the problem and interior ministers are evaluating proposals to change border controls, probably on a temporary basis. The Swedish commissioner insisted: “The free movement of people across European borders is a major achievement which must not be reversed”. Reality has a way of cracking and penetrating PC shells, so “must not” can turn into “should not” very quickly.

Egil Haaland, the president of the Norwegian police association, said “…80 per cent of crimes committed in Norway and other Nordic states are carried out by criminals who are either from the Baltic States or are strongly linked to the organized crime in the Baltic States”. This indicates that the open border policy has been a problem for quite some time and it is not just a temporary problem with Arab immigrants.

It would be wise for politicians in the US to learn from Europe’s problems and mistakes before attempting to open our borders and allow illegal immigrants free reign. Unfortunately, “wise” is not a political requirement and it often goes against the politically correct agenda.

David J. Hentosh


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