Pat Toomey Cosponsors Senate Plan to End Deficits

From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Pennsylvania’s Pat Toomey and a group of fellow conservative Republican senators proposed a plan Tuesday that would balance the federal budget within nine years while avoiding for now radical changes to Medicare and Social Security that could be political poison.

The plan was announced as congressional leaders prepared to meet with White House negotiators on raising the ceiling on the government’s ability to borrow. GOP officials, including House Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio, are insisting on deep permanent cuts in future spending in exchange for a vote to increase the debt limit, which the administration says will be needed by sometime this summer.

Toomey, who has emerged as a GOP leader on fiscal policy in his first term, said he hoped to show it was possible to balance the budget without raising taxes or making apocalyptic cuts.

“Deficits are not inevitable; they can be stopped if we in Congress have the will,” Toomey said.

Read the rest here.


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