Elite Sophistication

Two “elites” stroking each other’s partisan self-righteousness produced nothing but another bitter jab at the American people. HBO’s Bill Maher, as ignorant of an “elite” as one can be, found common ground with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews when he complained that America is a childish country and not as sophisticated as other countries.

Maher, of course, views himself (and Matthews) as exceptions and believes his “sophistication” is apparent in his sneering, hate-filled attacks on all who don’t agree with his twisted views. Continuous bashing of religion, Bush and Republicans has become his claim to fame and he now believes in his own political expertise as well as his own intelligence.

Maher’s self-delusional brilliance was shining recently when he went after republican Newt Gingrich, calling him: “…an idiot who has always been wrong about every single thing he has ever talked about.” This is considered sophisticated political analysis by Maher whose “facts” have been proven wrong often enough to qualify himself for a listing in the national idiot register.

Chris (“tingle leg”) Matthews’ sophistication has been on display with constant accusations of racism against all who dare to criticize Obama. Still believing himself to be a journalist, Matthews takes personal swipes at those he dislikes, using his “journalistic” technique of providing home-grown facts. Recently, Matthews pompously declared, “I think Sarah Palin proved herself…to be profoundly stupid”, then continued bashing Palin from his personal, “proven” point-of-view.

If this type of ignorant behavior is considered “sophistication” in the eyes of such “elites” as Maher and Matthews, one can only hope that America never reaches that level. Fortunately, ratings for MSNBC and Chris Matthews indicate that America isn’t going in that direction. Maher’s ratings are better, but he is a comedian and can at least provide a few laughs. The difference between him and Matthews is that Maher gets laughs on purpose. Matthews gets them unwittingly from unsophisticated Americans.

David J. Hentosh


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