What Really Happened in New York 26

The Democrats would have you believe that the Republican loss in the special election in New York 26 Tuesday was all about Paul Ryan’s “assault” on Medicare.

For instance, here’s what Congressman Charlie Rangel (you remember him, who was in charge of the Ways and Means Committee but couldn’t pay his own taxes) had to say, (from the New York Daily News):

Rep. Charlie Rangel: “Congratulations to Kathy Hochul for winning the tight race in one of the most Republican congressional district in our country. Tonight’s historic claim is clearly a referendum on the Republican budget and their plans to end Medicare as we know it. Moving onward, Democrats will continue to win our fight to protect the elderly and the poor. As the dean of the New York’s congressional delegation, I am particularly proud to welcome Kathy to Congress. From her early days as a Capitol Hill staffer to her most recent post as Erie County Clerk, she has a proven record of standing up for the middle class. I look forward to working with her to keep moving our country forward.”

And also from the Daily News, from 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East:

“Tonight’s election is a victory for working Americans across the country.  Western New Yorkers voted to reject extremist policies that would abolish Medicare, and instead made their voices heard loud and clear, that the healthcare of working families is not politically expendable. Tonight’s result sends a clear message to the entire country that working people will not stand for a radical agenda that cuts our vital social safety net while preserving tax cuts for the wealthy and corporate elite.  It is our hope that elected leaders in Washington will heed this message and focus instead on creating jobs, investing in healthcare and protecting our childrens’ education. We extend our warmest congratulations to Congresswoman-Elect Kathy Hochul and look forward to working with her on behalf of working families across the state.”

But what these party hacks leave out is one little detail: Jack Davis. From News Copy New York:

Republicans are hustling to get the vote out for Jane Corwin in NY-26 (Buffalo News), despite the specter of anarchistJack Davis carving away ten percent of more of her voteas a spoiler.

Judson Phillips of Tea Party Nation called Davis a “faux tea party candidate.”

Democrats have turned this mistake into their tool, siphoning off 12% from Corwin — who trails Democrat Kathy Hochul 42-38%. With 7% undecided going into tomorrow’s special election in Western New York, this is a dead heat.

So what really happened in New York 26 is not a referendum on Paul Ryan’s budget proposal, it’s all about Democratic dirty tricks, and an uninformed populace.

Here’s Slate’s evaluation (which is by no means unbiased, but has you seeing how the liberals, even thoughtful libs, are spinning this. ( The numbers in the article are so poorly reported as to make it almost impossible to figure out who got what)

– Hochul did not run a standard liberal campaign (if any Democrat outside of Alameda County even does). Her ads informed voters that she’d opposed driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants, that she favored a return in pre-Bush tax rates only for people making more than $500,000, and that Corwin had not cut spending in the New York assembly.

– Davis did not run as a “Tea Partier,” despite the ballot line. He focused all his energy on trade, promising to end trade deals, which would make the economy boom and allow us to dodge ugly choices on entitlement reform and taxes.

Here’s the bottom line. The Democrats pulled a “Tea Party” candidate out of their bag of dirty tricks. Someone who was really a Democrat, and had run as a Democrat in the past, to split the Republican vote. They had him tout jobs and the economy.

While the Republican candidate may have been flawed–and what candidate isn’t–the “Tea Party” candidate muddied the Republican message.

The New York 26 election is an example of how things are going to be in 2012.

Elected Republicans can’t waiver because of tough elections. They have to stay the course and do what’s right.

Voters have to get informed and get involved so they can make sure others know the facts about these third party candidates and the nastiness that the Democrats are resorting to. We have to speak up and inform others about these types of dirty tricks. It won’t be easy, and it won’t be for the faint of heart.

Gird your loins.



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