A Fine Example of the Liberal Party Line

Remember our post from a couple of days ago, in which we claimed that liberals were trying to pin the loss of the special election in NY 26 on Paul Ryan’s budget proposal and ignore the Faux “Tea Party” monkey in the room? (see What Really Happened in NY 26)

Well, the Philadelphia Inquirer has provided a fine example of what I was talking about.

The author,  J.J. Balaban, apparently considers himself a political guru because he “advised” one-time Atlanta mayor Alvin Brown. His editorial–NY Special Election a Bad Omen for GOP, begins as follows.

 Tuesday was the 144th day of 2011, but from a political perspective, it may be remembered as the day 2010 ended.

The Republican surge of 2010 hit a wall this week when Democrat Kathy Hochul won a special congressional election near Buffalo, N.Y. The district’s former Republican representative, Chris Lee, resigned in the wake of revelations that, despite being married, he had sent suggestive photos of himself to a woman he was wooing via Craigslist.

In 2008, the district produced more votes for Republican presidential nominee John McCain than any other in New York, and Hochul was widely expected to lose when this campaign began. But the Democrat’s campaign caught fire when she began criticizing opponent Jane Corwin for endorsing a GOP proposal to turn Medicare into a voucher program.

While too much can be read into any special election,…

All I can say is that JJ is so right!

Read the rest here.




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