Obama Re-defines “Days” – And Much More

Back in March, Obama told us and members of Congress that his initiated U.S. military action in Libya would take “days, not weeks” and then we would be out and taking only a supporting role. These have become the longest “days” in history, currently lasting over a month. NATO just announced it has extended the mission in Libya for another 90 days, so we’ll see how far “days” can be stretched.

This highly intelligent nuance of Obama is, of course, way over the heads of average Americans. Many also foolishly thought that “Kadafi must go” actually meant he must go. Obama obviously meant he must go in “days” which, of course, guarantees him to be correct – eventually.

Obama has his own definition of “supporting role”, too, so he will not be pinned down with something as simple as that on the Libya mission. Using his personal definition of “war”, Obama also says he will not ask Congress for approval as stipulated by the War Powers Resolution because he has deemed that his commitment in Lybia is too small to merit Congressional approval.

Obama’s actions in Pakistan and drone strikes in Yemen could be curtailed if he followed the War Powers Resolution on Lybia, so don’t expect administration concessions. It is highly likely that Obama will do all he can to make Congress forget that resolution, or maybe he will just re-define it. If a Republican administration takes over, it’s a sure thing the resolution will return in full.

The mainstream media certainly seems to be running on Obama time and has fully accepted “days” to mean “weeks” or even “months” if necessary. They are used to re-defining anything to help Obama’s agenda. This was evidenced with the infamous “Mission Accomplished” banner when the media redefined “mission” to mean the entire Iraq conflict. The fact that the carrier’s mission was, indeed, accomplished (hence, the carrier’s homecoming) was no obstacle. Facts are pliable under the magic of progressive ideology.

David J. Hentosh


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