Dangerous Liberalism

Bob Turner was the Republican challenger against Anthony Wiener in 2010. He lost that election but perhaps current events indicate that it was the people who really lost. Turner is considering running again and discusses his reason along with his ideas about the current “dangerous liberalism” that seems to be turning “Animal Farm” into a book of prophesy.

From Bob Tuner at NRO

My retirement was interrupted when a runaway Congress and an ideological president began “radically transforming America.” Within two years, we saw wealth devalued, the dollar weakened, housing and stocks crumbled, manufacturing crippled, and economic growth suffocated by a series of decisions that never should have left the faculty lounge.

Watching Congressman Weiner’s press conference, I didn’t rejoice in his shame. It was a sad moment…Another congressman dragged down by a scandal. It’s an old tale, and I think the American people are kind of tired of it.

I was reminded of the ending of Animal Farm, when the comrades outside the house looked through the window and were unable to differentiate the men from the pigs. Those same pigs once crafted the rule of law…changed the laws for personal gain, and one by one the formerly sacrosanct law morphed into nebulous “regulation” with exemptions and exceptions… Obamacare waivers number in the thousands; Congress exempted itself right from the beginning.

Faceless bureaucrats you didn’t vote for decide whether or not we can drill for oil, where Boeing can build its plant, what light bulbs we can buy. The man responsible for the IRS is a tax cheat — as is the man who once headed Ways and Means. The woman who heads HHS has no medical training and is a pro-abortion activist. A congressman with a bill about Internet regulation sends unsolicited sexual photos to college coeds.

Scandals, no matter their nature, are not the problem. They are a symptom, representing something more dangerous: liberalism.

Read the rest here: Bonfire on the Hill



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