PC Illogic of Napolitano

Political correctness has infected our society to the point where it has become difficult to even discuss certain issues. A reporter had difficulty asking Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, a question about profiling because of the PC sensitivity of the issue, but eventually did manage to essentially ask why we don’t use profiling when screening for terrorists. Napolitano had even more difficulty answering because she, too, had to carefully wind her way through the twisted labyrinth of political correctness.

Her answer that it is illogical to profile young Muslim men entering the country certainly toes the PC line but ends up void of logic. The overwhelming majority of terrorism in the US and around the world is being perpetrated by young Muslim men, making it totally reasonable to use profiling for security reasons. Political correctness, however, has become more important than safety.

Napolitano further stumbled down the PC lane with her answer by claiming only intelligence should be used and that profiling is “…not a technique, a tactic, a behavior”. This disregards the fact that it is being used as a tactic by our enemies and it has been a technique used successfully by the FBI and CIA for many years before political correctness tied their hands. The “technique” of body searching six-year-old (and younger) children under the “tactic” of random searches has been nothing but an embarrassment.

Terrorist recruiting (“profiling”) efforts are helped by the fact that young Muslim men are not automatically subjected to closer inspection. Terrorists are relieved of the additional burden of trying to find blond-haired, blue-eyed loonies to do their bidding. Napolitano, bowing to the god of political correctness, finds this to be the logical approach. Thank you, Janet, for putting your PC agenda above our safety.

David J. Hentosh


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