Is Going “Green” Already Gone?

Although the “green” revolution has been in play for several years now, it seems to have peaked and may be waning. Everyone inundated (indoctrinated?) with the “green” agenda is learning, possibly for the first time, about the reality and consequences of going “green”.

The latest hit on the green agenda comes from a study by a British government watch dog, the Committee on Climate Change. The study found that the electric cars being touted as better for our planet may, in the long run, actually produce more CO2 emissions than standard, gas-fueled cars.

The batteries for electric cars are made from materials requiring more energy to be processed, resulting in emissions that are almost equal to standard cars. When a replacement battery is considered (and they ALL will need a replacement battery), the total CO2 emissions for an electric car are more that twice that of a standard gas-guzzler. It seems the only benefit these cars may be providing is more “green” in the pockets of the manufacturers.

“Green” light bulb legislation, passed with knee-jerk haste, is under fire even before going into effect. This law forces all to replace standard bulbs with expensive CFL bulbs that are not exactly environmentally friendly because they contain small amounts of hazardous mercury. The only other option, LED bulbs, is much more expensive and still under development. Texas lawmakers are already pushing legislation that will exempt their state’s citizens from being forced to abandon incandescent bulbs.

Wind farms, another green solution, require a tremendous amount of real estate, disrupt the wildlife and ecosystem, and kill birds with their turbine blades. Evidence is indicating that airtight, “green” buildings being erected may be hazardous to human health because of the indoor air quality. Not enough research has been done before “solutions” have been implemented.

In an economy that does not seem to be recovering any time soon, the green in the wallet is more important than the green environment to the average Joe. Government-mandated reduction of wallet green for unproven solutions, particularly for unverified problems, is not popular. “Green” seems to be going down as fast as the economy.

David J. Hentosh


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