PC Multiculturism Hurting the UK

Political Correctness in the UK is paralyzing the country into the collateral damage of self-destruction through its effort to appease the gods of diversity. Ideological blinders block the impact of runaway political correctness as the country continues to experience problem after problem, some of which are not even discussed openly for fear of offending.

In the borough of Tower Hamlets in London, the police are being accused of covering up abuse, threats, and violence occurring due to the “Islamicising” of the area by Muslims. Teachers there say they feel under pressure from Muslim extremists and one teacher claims he was forced out of his job for complaining about Muslim racist and anti-Semitic bullying.

Even the PC campaign to mainstream homosexuality has taken a backseat to the appeasement of Islamic extremism in the borough. Police are turning their heads on homophobic crimes for fear of being accused of Islamophobia, obviously considered a more serious charge in a borough where homophobic crimes increased 80% since 2008.

In some Muslim communities in the UK, the tradition of first cousins marrying still abounds, bringing a host of genetic problems for the offspring of such marriages. Research shows that children of first cousins are ten times more likely to have genetic disorders, therefore, the UK’s health system will eventually be burdened with them. Political correctness keeps this problem from being discussed and, consequently, enables it to continue.

It is not just extremists that are causing problems for the UK. Many non-violent Muslim organizations do not believe in, and will not adhere to, British values on human rights or religious tolerance and, therefore, set themselves apart. This is producing “no-go” zones where people of other faiths are not tolerated. These zones are also breeding grounds for extremists.

Multiculturism is failing in the UK and other European countries because political correctness was allowed to rule common sense. Those cracks in European countries are reaching our shores as the lessons to be learned are being ignored because of ideological fervor.

David J. Hentosh


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