An Invitation to the White House–for Dinner!

I saw this in the Washington Times and couldn’t believe my eyes. However, in reading through, I noticed one little detail that will probably disqualify me, but if enough of us enter, who knows? A couple of us might make it, and wouldn’t it be fun to have the president’s ear for an hour!

MugshotIllustration: Obama’s Golden Ticket


I am so excited! The president has invited me to dinner – and not just as one of the crowd like at a state dinner. I can be one of four regular people chowing down with Barack Obama! When I first read my email invitation from “Barack Obama, democraticparty,” I was worried it might be another case of selling access to the White House. But then I looked up the attached Web link and read the rules. I don’t have to send him any money to win! I just register online at

Sure, the invitation asks me for money (and goodness knows the president can use it, what with the $1.6 trillion deficit and all) but it also says I don’t have to send a penny. I can still register online and have just as much chance as anyone who actually ponies up. They put that in writing, so it must be true.

There must be millions of unemployed Americans who want to tell the president what they think. Now they can do so – FREE! – and get a nifty trip in the bargain. The Obama campaign says it will pay the travel and hotel bills for the winners to come dine with the president. I was relieved to read that the “approximate retail value” of all this is just $1,075. It’s not every president you can trust to spend so responsibly.

Read the rest here.

Just one thing to keep in mind:  The Obama administration is known to mine the White House emails for addresses, and if you enter, soon you too will be getting email after email from the likes of Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, David Axelrod, David Plouffe, and John Kerry, just to name a few–and about all sorts of topics–global warming and cap and trade are favorites. And while it is interesting to see the propaganda and it makes for good entertainment, after a while it’s just plain annoying. (This might be a good use for an easily abandoned gmail email address–just a suggestion.)



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