Big Business Watch

From the Big Business Watch website:

Big Business Watch tracks the public policy agenda of big business and aggressively challenges CEOs when their policies run counter to the tenets of free enterprise, limited government and liberty.

Big Business has played a major role in passing ObamaCare and some of the largest corporations are backing Obama’s effort to regulate energy. We can’t ignore the driving force big business plays in public policy.

You can view a list of the companies that are supporting President Obama to regulate and tax carbon emissions here.  (One of the companies is Exelon (PECO) You’ll be surprised at some of the other names.



One Response to “Big Business Watch”

  1. Bob Guzzardi, Ardmore Penna. Says:

    Big Business is NOT The Forgotten Taxpayer’s BFF. Big Business Big Government – where does one begin and the other end. Corporate Socialism is a menace to Free Market prosperity

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