Bachmann Will Bring Hypocrisy From the Left

We are sure to see hypocrisy from the left now that Michelle Bachmann has announced her candidacy for president. We got a taste of this when Christine O’Donnell became a Republican nominee in Delaware and, of course, we see it all the time with the venom spewed at Sarah Palin. Bachmann, however, will cause this hypocrisy to ramp up to a higher level because she is a conservative woman daring to challenge the One.

Leftist tolerance doesn’t exist for women who won’t march in lock-step with their ideological dogma. The women’s movement made a left turn long ago and organizations such as NOW (National Organization for Women) only speak up for those who toe the line. Most women’s organizations have remained silent concerning attacks on Sarah Palin, so Bachmann cannot expect them to have her back when she gets attacked for being a woman – and she will be.

Just as Jon Stewart got a pass for the racist content of his mockery of Republican candidate Herman Cain, all who attack Bachmann as being a ditzy, dumb, inexperienced woman will get a pass – because she is not a liberal and, therefore, not a “real” woman. Those on the left who voted for inexperienced Obama just to put the first black man in the White House will not want to make history with Bachmann as the first woman president – because she is not a liberal.

Bachmann will not be hailed as a model of success by the women’s movement though she is a legitimate candidate for the top job in the country. Tolerance is a one-way street for the left and Bachmann is going the wrong way. Just as black Tea Party members are called Oreos and Uncle Toms by the left with total hypocritical blindness to the racist content of their remarks, Bachmann will be labeled a traitor to women. It is as inevitable as it is pathetic.

David J. Hentosh


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