Patriotism on Parade

From the Washington Times:

If you are planning on taking your kids to a Fourth of July parade, be on notice: You might be transforming them into activist Republicans.

In May, Jan Erik Andreas Madestam of Bocconi University in Italy andDavid Yanagizawa-Drott of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government posted findings of a study they had conducted on the impact ofIndependence Day celebrations on political identification and turnout. The study, “Shaping the Nation: Estimating the Impact of Fourth of July Using a Natural Experiment,” found “a set of striking relationships linked to Fourth of July.” According to the study, “Fourth of July celebrations have a significant impact on people’s political preferences. A rain-freeFourth of July makes it 1.3 percent more likely that an individual contemporaneously identify as a Republican.”

The effects of the change are cumulative; the “likelihood that an adult at age 40 identifies as a Republican increases by 0.76 percentage points for each rain-free Fourth of July during childhood, where childhood is defined as the ages of 3-18.” The effects are strongest at ages 7 through 10, and “the estimates show that the impact on political preferences is permanent, with no evidence of the effects depreciating as individuals grow older.” Unfortunately for the left, the study found “no evidence of an increased likelihood of identifying as a Democrat, indicating that Fourth of July shifts preferences to the right rather than increasing political polarization.”

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One Response to “Patriotism on Parade”

  1. Basharr Says:

    I conducted my own study and apparently offering free healthcare on the tax payer dime, cheaper college for illegals over tuition prices for citizens, raising taxes on the successful, becoming filthy rich and then only to state how others (not you) should share the wealth, and finally removing god from anywhere and everywhere possible…may have the effect of creating more liberal left wing nut jobs that do not believe in an honest days work as part of the American way of life.

    I’ll take my Fourth of July and my independence and say thank ya to those that fought to give me this great freedom.

    God Bless America!

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