The Founders Did Want to Abolish Slavery. Who Knew?

Apparently not George Snuffleupagus. In a recent interview with Michele Bachmann, he played a “gotcha” game about her quote that the Founding Fathers “worked tirelessly” to abolish slavery. And while “worked tirelessly” might be overkill, they were concerned about it. Check out these quotes from the Washington Times:

“There is not a man living who wishes more sincerely than I do, to see a plan adopted for the abolition of it.”

– George Washington, letter to Robert Morris, April 12, 1786

“Every measure of prudence, therefore, ought to be assumed for the eventual total extirpation of slavery from the United States. … I have, throughout my whole life, held the practice of slavery in … abhorrence.”

– John Adams, letter to Robert Evans, June 8, 1819

“It is much to be wished that slavery may be abolished. The honour of the States, as well as justice and humanity, in my opinion, loudly call upon them to emancipate these unhappy people. To contend for our own liberty, and to deny that blessing to others, involves an inconsistency not to be excused.”

– John Jay, letter to R. Lushington, March 15, 1786

Read the rest here:
Uh-oh, George. You might want to brush up on your history.


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