#AskObama = #Failure

If you Twitter (and we do — @jeffersonclub ) you may be aware of the first Twitter Townhall. This is where our president took questions via Twitter and answered them –well, at least a few heavily censored ones.

While TechCrunch.com suggested that all of the 169,395 questions were serious, and broke down this way:

According to the stats compiled by Mass Relevance, 26 percent of the Tweet questions were about jobs, 19 percent were about the budget, 16 percent were about taxes, 10 percent were about education, and 6 percent were about housing. All of the questions were serious in nature.

I have to tell you, as someone who looked over some of the questions, less than a quarter were serious–I’ve seen estimates of about 24,000 out of 169,000 being serious questions. (And some of the rest were pretty funny)

I don’t know what connection “Mass Relevance” has to Obama,  but suggesting that this was a serious event is quite a spin to put on something that turned into a huge joke.

Here’s a blog with a few examples of the some humorous questions that were asked.   SF Weekly Blogs

Even CNN questioned the process. Why You Didn’t Get to #AskObama anything on Twitter


And an interesting take on TechPresident: #AskObama: How’d that Go?

Here’s a link to some serious, and not so serious questions that weren’t answered: Censored Obama Questions

And, should you want to see the whole thing, here’s a link to the C-SPAN coverage. 



And, a few of my favorite #AskObama questions:

From @FreeCapCon: Why not just destroy one state with socialism (California), rather than all “57” Mr. Pres.?

From @thisjendoll: I imagine that #AskObama is restoring everyone’s faith in America. Especially Obama’s.

And my personal favorite (and don’t know who to attribute it to (besides Ayn Rand): Who is John Galt?






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