This Should Get Harry Reid Moving

From Bucks Local News:

Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick on July 8 demanded that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid take the necessary measures to pass a fiscally responsible budget. A letter, being sent by Fitzpatrick and colleagues to Senator Reid, calls for the Senate to adjust its summer calendar to ensure consideration and passage of a budget proposal prior to the start of the next fiscal year in September.

“Today marks 800 days since the Democrat-controlled United States Senate has passed a budget. Our nation’s economy is sputtering, out-of-control spending continues unabated, and the unemployment rate is on the rise,” said Fitzpatrick. “The House of Representatives has been considering and passing appropriations bills that recognize our fiscal reality and fund our nation’s priorities. Meanwhile, Senator Reid has repeatedly failed to pass a budget, take meaningful action on spending cuts, and act on important reforms sent to him by the House. American families don’t get 800 days to figure out how or if they are going to pay their bills, and neither should Senator Reid.”

Read the rest here.

Harry Reid must be quaking in his boots.





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