When Toomey Speaks, People Listen

From Reuters:

As a freshman senator, Republican Pat Toomey punches above his weight in the high-stakes fight over increasing the U.S. debt limit.

To cheers and jeers, Toomey — a Tea Party favorite and Wall Street veteran — dismisses as an exaggeration worries about a short-term debt default and wants the Constitution changed to require a balanced federal budget.

Toomey’s stance has won over enough Republicans — some 20 in the Senate and more than 100 in the House of Representatives — to create a potential bloc able to sway talks this weekend between President Barack Obama and leaders in Congress.

“Those numbers lurk like a black cloud over negotiations,” Ethan Siegal of the Washington Exchange, a private firm that tracks Congress and the White House for investors, said of the bloc that includes many Tea Party movement-backed Republicans who have resisted compromise on the debt ceiling.

Obama and congressional leaders ordered staff to work through the weekend toward a possible agreement to trim the massive U.S. deficit, raise the U.S. debt limit and avoid default by an August 2 deadline.

With the White House warning of dire economic consequences of a default, the president and congressional leaders are to meet on Sunday to discuss progress.

Toomey will not be in the room, but his views will be.

“When Toomey speaks, people listen,” a senior Republican aide said.

Read the rest here.


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