Okay, Exactly What is a “Revenue Increaser”?

From a Bucks County Courier Times/Intelligencer article titled: Fitzpatrick Town Hall  –  Revenue Increases are on the Table

Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick said Thursday night that tax increases could be part of a deal to increase the nation’s debt limit, the key battle under way in the nation’s Capital.

“The potential for revenue increases are on the table, and are being discussed,” the 8th District Republican said.

Fitzpatrick made the statement during an hour-long online town hall meeting hosted at phillyburbs.com by the Bucks County Courier Times and The Intelligencer newspapers.

According to Gary Weckselblatt, Fitzpatrick talked about tax increases. But when you read the quote, Fitzpatric said “revenue increases.”

Now, are “tax increases” the same as “revenue increases”? Can you think of a revenue increase that isn’t a tax increase?

After all, if you close a tax loophole, isn’t that a tax increase? But on the other hand, aren’t there plenty of tax loopholes that should be closed? Shouldn’t the tax code be simpler?

One way to simplify the tax code is to close loopholes. I for one have no problem with raising revenue — IF — it comes from people/corporations that aren’t paying taxes already. With about 50% of the people out there not paying income taxes, there are plenty to tax, even if it’s only a small amount. And then there’s one of the President’s favorite corporations, GE, which supposedly paid no tax last year.

I’m sure there are plenty of other “revenue increasers” that could be made as well. Let’s take away the non-profit, charitable status from those “charities” or “non-profits” that dabble in politics. Examples would be any number of churches and Media Matters.

I have no problem with raising revenue in that manner.

But, are those the type of “revenue increasers” Fitzpatrick is talking about? Or is “revenue increaser” just Washington’s latest code word for run-of-the-mill “tax increases”? We’ll soon see.

I can tell you this: If Mike Fitzpatrick is talking about run-of-the-mill tax increases, rather than making more people stakeholders in the whole tax mess, or closing loopholes on the politically favored, he’s going to be in big trouble come election time.

(which is only about 15 months away for him.)



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2 Responses to “Okay, Exactly What is a “Revenue Increaser”?”

  1. Dave Sager Says:

    The biggest and most appropriate revenue increase would come from allowing the economy to flourish thereby allowing the unemployed and underemployed to go back to work and pay taxes. Cutting tax rates and reducing regulation can accomplish that.

    • thomasjeffersonclubblog Says:

      Agreed, but I don’t think that the political class considers cutting tax rates and reducing regulation as “revenue increasers.” They can’t think that far.

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