Academia Nuts

An article in the Journal of the American Medical Association by Harvard Professor Dr. David Ludwig is creating quite a stir. He is recommending forced removal of kids from parents because of obesity. He believes that the government would make better parents for obese children. Of course, many of academia’s finest, along with other “progressives”, seem to believe the government can do better than anyone at everything – a theory disproved by much empirical data.

There is little doubt that Dr. Ludwig may be an expert on child obesity but, as with many academia nuts, reality fades as expertise increases until the entire universe spins around one narrow focus. Thus, we find Al Gore convinced that everything from alien abductions to zebra’s stripes has a root cause in global warming (not to mention his bank account). A trickle-down effect from this type of focus even has the EU banning the words “mother” and “father” from official documents.

Taking children away from parents is a difficult and traumatic thing to do which is why society, along with our court system, has always been hesitant to do so. One can be sure the investigation, analysis, medical testing, and consequences involved with following Dr. Ludwig’s advice have not been considered. Only positive results are allowed to enter the focus of such experts. All else is considered negative thinking that is harmful to their self-esteem.

There are other reasons for taking children away from parents. Consider the damage of subjecting children to rap music at an early age, the neglect of not providing a smart phone for them in high school, or the trauma of keeping score during a first grade soccer game. It seems Dr. Ludwig could easily obtain the desired result of having the government raise all children if he would just expand his net. Or do they take away nets along with belts and shoe laces when you are admitted to Academia?

David J. Hentosh


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