Congressman Paul Ryan Talks Debt Ceiling

From CNN:

With the debt ceiling negotiations stuck in a circular loop, Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan remains steadfastly opposed to the so-called ‘Gang of Six’ budget plan-despite the fact that it partly resembles his own budget proposal.

“The virtue of their proposal is that they say you need to lower tax rates for economic growth,” Ryan told CNN’s Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger. “The Gang of 6 [plan] is five pages of talking points, it’s not an actual plan, what we’re looking at as we get into the numbers is – they’re not adding up.

“It’s a big plan, it’s a big idea, we shouldn’t cut deals like this in a back room,” he said. “We should do it in public, with committee hearings, and amendments…instead of rushing something through in 48 hours which will completely remake all of these plans in government.”

Ryan, the House Budget Committee chairman whose proposal has become a target for Democrats, made it clear he does not object to closing tax loopholes.

The issue, he said, is you need to close those tax breaks at the same time congress reforms the tax code.

Read the rest here.


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