Obama’s “Leadership” Speech

Obama took to the airwaves Monday night and…blamed Bush. As if that wasn’t enough, he told the American people there would be no economic problem if the big, bad Republicans would just do what he wants. If the Republicans don’t give in, the sky will fall, there will be no Medicare, no Social Security, no Veteran’s checks, no chicken in every pot, and no ice cream. Furthermore, he’ll take his ball and go home.

This display of “leadership” is typical for Obama. He is firmly on the campaign trail that he never really left, and it is getting stale. His attempt to demonize Republicans and scare the American people into doing his bidding is his re-election strategy. His use of the word “balance” (eight times), sounding like plagiarism of FOX News, was solely to imply that Republicans are out of their minds for opposing the Democrats.

Of course, Obama has yet to come up with a plan of his own. That would pin him down and hold him responsible for its success or failure. Obama does not take responsibility for failure and does not acknowledge that his administration’s actions have exasperated our economic condition to this critical point. He finds it politically expedient to let others make plans that he can detach from if they fail. That is his style of “leadership”: Deniability…and assigning blame.

Obama continues to promote class warfare; a tactic he believes will endear him to the “common man” and bring independent votes. Taxing the rich to the nth degree will not put a dent in the deficit that he accelerated, but it provides a fall guy to partner with Bush for blame. Obama tries to preach to the choir of half of American families paying no income taxes, hoping to increase animus towards the rich along with dependence on government assistance. That is part of his political game, and his pouting plea for support from the American public was embarrassingly lame.

David J. Hentosh


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One Response to “Obama’s “Leadership” Speech”

  1. Marlene Douglas Says:

    That line about Bush is really old. No one wants to hear the “Cry Baby Anymore”!!!!

    M Douglas

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