Overspending Isn’t Just a Washington Problem, It’s a Local Issue too

By Larry S. Breeden in the Bucks County Courier Times:

Tax and spend. That’s been the practice of politicians at all levels of government for generations. It became the standard operating procedure in Washington, D.C., and filtered down to the lowest level of political entity, the city/townships.
Not only have we been taxed enough already, our prosperity has been spent into oblivion by political operatives.

Thankfully, due to the public outrage over TARP, the trillion dollar stimulus and the trillion dollar health care disaster, some elected officials are listening to the people. The citizens have finally taken a firm stand and are replacing those who will not listen and want to continue their old practices. Many who replaced those who wouldn’t listen are standing firm for fiscal responsibility, to the benefit of the taxpaying citizens.
We’ve seen it at the federal level with the debt ceiling impasse. We are fortunate to have a cadre of congressmen and senators who are willing to represent their constituents in this endeavor. We are further fortunate to have Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick and Sen. Pat Toomey at the helm as our fiscal stewards.
At the state level, Gov. Corbett and Lt. Gov. Cawley have been spearheading budget cuts and implementing fiscal policies that will benefit all the citizens of the state. Although I wish they would have cut the million dollar salaries of the public universities’ presidents rather than allowing tuition hikes for students.
Fiscal responsibility and spending cuts have become the watchword for school districts, cities and townships throughout the state. In cases where the elected officials have been negligent in keeping spending and taxes down, they have been summarily replaced.
A case in point is Upper Makefield Township.

Read the rest here.

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