Racist Violence on Campus: Who Knew?

From WorldNetDaily:

Imagine that a group of immigrants began attending a white high school and were soon subject to the ugliest forms of racism. Surely, this would be a great concern, and we would unite across ideological lines to condemn the racism in that high school.

South Philadelphia High School recently faced just such a crisis. Yet, we haven’t heard much about it because the victims and attackers don’t fit the comfortable narrative about racism in America, which we relish when whites are the villains. Instead, the crisis at South Philadelphia High featured intolerant blacks attacking Asian immigrants.

Asian students reported harassment and violence early on, when they first began attending school at SPHS a few years ago. The black students’ intolerance overflowed on Dec. 3, 2009, when a group of them roamed the hallways looking for Asian victims until one was found and beaten in a classroom. Also, 70 students raided the cafeteria, where more Asians were attacked. USA Today reported that “35 students pushed past a police officer” onto the second floor of the school where Asians congregated. Luckily, the attackers were turned back. The U.S. Department of Justice noted that 30 Asian students were attacked and 13 sent to the emergency room. Only 10 students were suspended.

Read more: Racist violence on campus: Who knew?


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