Left Finally Recognizes Terrorism – But Only in Tea Party

After years of trying to deny the threat from fanatic Islamic terrorists, the non-judgmental left has finally caved in and recognized that terrorism does exist and we are in danger. Unfortunately, they see this terroristic threat coming from the Tea Party and they are marching in lock-step and voicing the same talking point, hoping to scare the public into submission.

The left has denigrated the Tea Party since its inception, fearing the power a group of concerned citizens can wield against their idealistic and unrealistic ideology. They have called the Tea Party everything from stupid to anti-American to crazy. Finding those accusations to have little effect, they now are turning to something the American people understand much better than they do – terrorism.

The NY Times, upset with opposition to irresponsible spending, backed this latest tactic with columnist Nicholas Kristof likening the Tea Party to Al Qaeda and Thomas Friedman calling it a “Hezbollah faction”. Chris Matthews, a parrot of leftist talking points, called the Tea Party “baby-kidnapping terrorists”, attempting to up the ante with hyperbole, but only succeeding in making himself look more ridiculous.

William Yeomans, an American University law professor, writing at Politico, said Tea Party members have become “full-blown terrorists”, as if planes are being hijacked and suicide bombers are on the White House grounds. Speaking of the White House, Vice President Joe Biden (no stranger to asinine remarks) got into the act by saying Republicans had “acted like terrorists” during the debt limit negotiations, putting the administration’s seal of approval onto this latest tactic.

It is ridiculous to equate the Tea Party with terrorism. However, the left (“elites”) continues to believe the American people are dumb enough to be swayed by such exaggerated rhetoric. Perhaps the next election will show the result of treating Americans like fools.

David J. Hentosh


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