This Is How Civilizations Die

One of these days, Ann Coulter will come out of her shell and tell us how she really feels. Until then,  a hint of her real feelings may be found in this. It may even touch a nerve in a few others.

From Ann Coulter

Congratulations, Britain! You’ve barbarized your citizenry, without regard to race, gender or physical handicap!… With a welfare system far more advanced than the United States, the British have achieved the remarkable result of turning entire communities of ancestral British people into tattooed, drunken brutes… I guess we now have the proof of what conservatives have been saying since forever: Looting is a result of liberal welfare policies.

England’s welfare state is fast returning the native population to its violent 18th-century highwaymen roots…liberal elites here and in Britain will blame anything but the welfare state they adore…Democrats would be delighted if violent mobs like those in Britain arose here… That would allow them to introduce yet more government programs staffed by unionized public employees, as happened after the 1992 L.A. riots and the 1960s race riots, following the recommendations of the Kerner Commission… nonjudgmental elites don’t dare condemn the animals their programs have created…

This is how civilizations die. It can happen overnight…

Read it all here: Ann Coulter



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