Is Diversity As Important As Family?

Thanks to Drudge, we learn that in Florida, a brother and sister are being stopped from attending the same school because of diversity. The bureaucratic snafu that is causing this problem has to do with race and quotas, although there are not supposed to be any racial quotas (wink, wink). Fear of going against “diversity” is banning common sense from ruling the issue.

The most telling quote on this fiasco comes from Polk County School Board Chair Kay Fields: “To me, diversity is just as important as family, in my opinion”. This is the attitude prevailing in school officials and many teachers and it explains why our education system needs a complete overhaul. Diversity, an umbrella ill-defined and over-used, has become divisive and abusive.

The family used to be top priority for almost everyone, even more important than God for many. Diversity, a secular god, has now taken over that top spot and become the driving force behind everything. Our schools have even put it ahead of education, the prime reason for their existence. Our society’s increasing downward slide parallels the disrespect for the family that “progressives” exude, and it is seeping into everything.

One can argue that teaching about diversity is, indeed, part of education, but it is hard to argue that it is more important than teaching the basics, especially in elementary schools. Diversity, political correctness, and “green” everything form a political agenda that is being force-fed to our children instead of the basic educational essentials they need.

No, Miss Fields, diversity is NOT as important as family, and a school board member is not as important as a child in the classroom. Perhaps if you, and others in charge, had priorities aligned properly, an ignorant statement such as yours would never see the light of day. The fact that it did is as sad and pathetic as it is revealing.

David J. Hentosh


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