Obama’s ‘Rolling Spin Zone’

Considering Obama’s speech on Monday in Iowa, his bus tour should be labeled the “Rolling Spin Zone”. According to his self-serving, political campaign speech (although this is not supposed to be a political tour), his brilliant economic plan was going smoothly and he had everything under control until “bad luck” incidents overseas and the big bad GOP somehow conspired to upset his apple cart.

He complained that his “economic plan” of spending, borrowing, and spending (working so well it brought the country’s credit rating down a peg) came under attack from irresponsible Republicans who wanted to cut spending. Imagine the gall of wanting to cut spending just because you don’t have enough money to pay bills and you can’t borrow any more money. How un-progressive is that?

Obama also complained about partisan brinkmanship, insinuating it only occurs within the GOP. This is a typical liberal tactic of blaming the opposition for sins you commit yourself. It is done all the time and Obama knows this trick well. The only experience he had before becoming president was as a community organizer using Alinsky tactics such as this, so he is on familiar ground. It is the only firm ground he has.

Obama is now concentrating on campaigning for re-election, and that will require a lot of spinning because his record is abysmal. This spin tour is only the beginning. He will take responsibility for only those things that have proved to be beneficial, i.e., others’ accomplishments, and he will blame Republicans and Bush for everything.

It is fitting that this “Rolling Spin Zone” utilizes a bus. Obama has been throwing people under the bus since his election. Now, he has one that is re-enforced for the task.

David J. Hentosh


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