I Am Progressive – Hear Me Roar

At the Daily Kos, Ray Pensador made a complete ass of himself and in doing so, became a perfect model of an elite, close-minded progressive who has abandoned the idea of a common good and replaced it with personal gratification above all else. This is one sick, egotistical dude.

From the Daily Kos

I feel nothing but disdain for the extreme Right.  There is no hesitation or equivocation in my mind about the fact that I am one hundred percent right, and the Astroturf-financed Orc-like Right is one hundred percent wrong…A civil and modern society that operates under the rule of law, respects the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, can only exist under Liberalism and a Progressive philosophy.  We are right.  They are wrong, and must be mercilessly defeated.

I only care about what we (Liberals, and Progressive) have to say about anything, because after all, we are the only ones that are sane, believe in science, and empirical evidence, and true investigative journalism, and freedom and equality, and the rule of law. We are sane, they are crazy wack-jobs…I have no interest in talking to them…

My only interest is in standing firm…My goal is to dislodge the creepy and disgusting criminal hand of Corporate America off of our government’s throat…I am a wild-eyed zealot about these things…My goal is to defeat the other side because I believe they are dangerous…

Read the screed here:  I Am Great



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