Miscellaneous Thoughts and Observations

– Isn’t it a little strange, silly, and frightening that we put our money in a fickle stock market that goes up or down on a whim? It is more fickle than a wo…never mind…

– The government’s main responsibility is our defense, but don’t tell those hikers who Iran wrongly arrested and convicted. The US has been useless in attempts to free them, making one wonder if traveling outside the country cancels US citizenship. If one ever needed a reason to go into Iran in force and, while there, accidentally bomb a few nuclear facilities…

–  Why is it that so many on the left continue to find religion, race, or personality as the main reason a GOP candidate is or isn’t popular – rather than policies? Chris Matthews is the latest one, trying to justify Rick Perry’s popularity on not being a Mormon.

–  If Obama has a plan to create jobs, why do we have to wait until September for it? And where was this plan for the past three years when the jobless numbers were increasing rapidly?

–  When did raising taxes become such a popular idea and the answer for everything (at least for the left)? Haven’t we learned that throwing money at a problem is not a solution? Our school systems and the War on Drugs are perfect examples of the fallacy of this notion.

–  If ALL federal government departments were forced to cut 10% from their budgets without cutting personnel or services, it is almost certain that a lot of waste would be eliminated – and it would save approximately $300 billion per year. That’s real money – and we all know there’s at least 10% waste in government.

I’m just saying…

David J. Hentosh


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