Federal Family?

Following the politically correct, rhetorical agenda of re-labeling everything, the administration seems to be on a push to remove the word “government” and replace it with “family”. FEMA got on board with hurricane Irene by issuing an overview of the “Federal Family’s” preparations. This PC term has been showing up in many other political scenarios.

At first, it sounds like some sort of lame joke. Progressives have been belittling the family unit for years and trying to transform it (or eliminate it) into something more appropriate to their agenda. The traditional idea of a mother and father has come under attack and single-parent mothers are treated as heroes to be emulated while stay-at-home mothers are denigrated. The father-figure has been turned into an inept bozo by TV sitcoms and marriage, itself, has been deemed to be out-dated.

It is revealing, however, that an administration trying desperately to convince all that more government is the answer to everything would begin calling it a ‘family’. It shows that, contrary to popular opinion, this administration actually does realize that the majority of the American people do not accept the idea of more government being beneficial. In order to make it more palatable, the administration decided to replace the word ‘government’.

They could have decided that following the will of the people was the way to go. That, however, would not benefit their idealistic agenda intent on getting more and more people dependent on government assistance. Changing that agenda is not in the cards, therefore, changing the name has become the solution.

You can expect the liberal media to embrace using ‘family’ instead of ‘government’. They, too, are heavily invested in the same agenda and desperate to turn the tide of a growing dissatisfaction with the current administration. The fact that the government has become a ‘dysfunctional’ family under Obama will be ignored and the distasteful idea of a traditional ‘family’ will be trumpeted as good. The irony will be lost on them.

David J. Hentosh


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