Another Obama Bubble Bursts

President Obama asked the EPA to withdraw the ozone rule that was scheduled to go into effect. This rule would have tightened air-quality standards to a level that would force cities and states to limit many projects dealing with gas and oil and, therefore, limit job creation.

Obama came into the presidency encased in an idealistic green bubble and proceeded to push for government regulations that would force industry into that bubble. Reality never conforms to idealism and the consequences of too much government regulation are finally penetrating and bursting that bubble.

Obama obviously tried to cover his you-know-what when he said: “I have continued to underscore the importance of reducing regulatory burdens and regulatory uncertainty, particularly as our economy continues to recover.”  He has been very keen on government intrusion and regulations have been his means. Until now, he hasn’t understood, let alone underscored, the importance of reducing regulation burden – and saying our economy “continues” to recover is pure spin.

One would like to think that Obama is finally maturing into the job he was never qualified for and actually recognizing the foolishness of his idealism. Perhaps he is now realizing that increased government can often do more harm than good. The more likely reason for this turn-around, however, is politics and re-election concerns.

Obama is burdened with failing policies, a failing economy, and failing public confidence. It is not surprising under these circumstances for him to feel pressured into embracing the age-old enemy of idealistic notions: common sense. It would be surprising, however, if he continued this attitude towards other issues. He doesn’t seem to be up to that task yet and, hopefully for the country’s sake, he won’t get the additional time he needs to grow into it.

David J. Hentosh


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