Obama Ignores Wake-up Calls

The loss of NY Democrat Weiner’s seat to a Republican after being in the hands of Democrats for over 85 years is just another wake-up call that the current administration will ignore. The agenda set by Obama seems impervious to outside influences and continues against all odds.

Obama’s determination to increase taxes (especially on the rich who are now defined as those making $200K or more per year) has become an obsession and the only answer he offers for the country’s economic problems. His “green” agenda continues to be an ideal he chases even after losing taxpayer money on “green” companies that have folded. He continually insists that he is putting the economy on the road to recovery, a road only he seems to travel.

Obama’s re-election strategy that is now becoming clear indicates he will continue to be the political animal he was trained to be rather than the leader people want. Blaming the GOP (marginally better than blaming Bush) for not following in lockstep with his agenda is a prominent campaign tactic. He set this up with his jobs speech by insisting, repeatedly, that we had to “pass this bill”, knowing that Republicans would never vote for it. His ‘hope’, of course, is that voters will believe his repetitive rhetoric (mantra?) and blame Republicans for failure of economic recovery.

Further antagonizing voters, his administration has been enforcing hand-picked rules and regulations that fit his agenda. Obama willingly ignores major laws, such as those pertaining to immigration, when they interfere with his idealistic notions. However, under his “leadership”, dubious regulations are highly enforced as witnessed by the recent raids by armed federal agents on Gibson Guitar factories. These type of actions spotlight how clueless this administration is and how oblivious to reality it seems to be.

Polls show Obama’s declining approval ratings, but that is just more ringing of an alarm clock he chooses to ignore. The final wake-up call that can’t be ignored will come in 14 months, but a lot of damage can still occur if he is not curtailed.

David J. Hentosh


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