Desperation of the Left

Obama’s speech campaign is ringing hollow and his strategy of blaming Republicans for the foregone failure of his “job bill” that even Democrats don’t accept is falling flat. The curtain has been pulled back and his “job bill” has been exposed as nothing more than tax increases, his favorite solution for everything.

Nancy Pelosi is trying hard to milk success out of Obama’s term with assurances that without the stimulus bill, “unemployment would have hit 14.5%”. She further assured that “four million jobs will be created by the health care bill”. Neither has any basis in fact. Pelosi is waving crystal ball forecasts as reasons to re-elect Obama because there are no concrete successes to point to.

It is somewhat strange that Pelosi and the liberal media are starting to back the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters. Pelosi says that “they are angry that they don’t have jobs”, but that just spotlights Obama’s failure to ‘stimulate’ job creation. There seems to be no cohesiveness to the protests, but that does mirror the Obama administration’s operating procedure.

Protesting for the sake of protesting has always been a favorite of the left, but the NY Times’ Tea Party hating columnist Paul Krugman is spinning legitimacy. He says “…there has in fact been nothing so far to match the behavior of Tea Party crowds in the summer of 2009”.  This comes after 700 protesters were arrested in NY City along with hundreds of others around the country and very few, if any, arrests at Tea Parties.

Krugman never did have a grasp of reality but he is right in one respect. The “Occupy Wall Street” behavior certainly does not match the behavior of the Tea Party crowds. Arrests would have to end, reasons for protesting would have to materialize, common sense would have to make an appearance, and they would have to clean up after themselves to even come close to emulating Tea Party behavior. Don’t hold your breath – unless you’re at one of the protests.

David J. Hentosh


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