Obama’s Class Warfare Sparks Rebellion

President Obama’s class warfare rhetoric has found fertile ground and the “Occupy” protests are a direct result. Blaming Bush has been replaced with blaming the rich as Obama’s re-election campaign tactic and he has willfully stirred the pot of rebellion for personal political gain, turning citizens against citizens.

Currently, the “Occupy” protesters have no coherent agenda and many are there out of frustration, boredom, or just a longing to emulate protests of the ‘60’s. Ask ten protesters why they are there and you will get ten different answers. Protest for the sake of protesting is a legacy of the Hippie generation and the success of Tea Party rallies awakened a longing (jealousy?) in liberals to resurrect that Hippie legacy.

 Unfortunately, the “Occupy” protests have become a magnifying glass for liberal hypocrisy and inanity. Millionaire celebrities such as business magnate Russel Simmons, with a net worth of over $350 million, accompanied by multi-millionaire Kanye West are allying themselves with protests against the rich secure in the knowledge that their large piece of the capitalistic pie will not be renounced. Rich liberals get a free pass on extensive wealth, a fact also benefitting many in the liberal media praising the protests.

One can sympathize with protesting against financial institutions and greedy moguls that have caused much of our current economic problems. Obama, however, lowered the bar of rebellion to those who have worked hard for, and finally reached, the American Dream of financial stability. The class warfare rhetoric coming from the White House is designed to garner votes from the majority of Americans who have yet to reach that dream – and it is fueling anger.

One unintended consequence of Obama’s class warfare is the spotlighting of far left ideology. Demands such as free college, free medical care, abolishing all debt, replacing capitalism with socialism, defunding the military, overthrowing the government and executing all financial CEO’s do not put liberalism in a good light. Adding to this hodge-podge of idealistic demands are many single-issue protesters jumping at the opportunity to put a personal agenda in front of the media.

Overall, there is a lack of coherence that does not reflect well on the protests. Obama has provided a common enemy to rail against but it remains to be seen whether it will successfully mask his lack of accomplishments or backfire on him and the country. It is hard to imagine anything good resulting from igniting citizen against citizen anger.

David J. Hentosh


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