Communism on Parade in Protests?

Kevin D. Williamson, writing in the Corner at NRO,  reports what he is finding at the Occupy Wall Street protests and provides a description you will not get from the media. There has been very little negative reporting about these protests from the biased media and the political agenda, particularly of the organizers, is as far left as it can be. In actuality, it is an attack against the very fabric of American democracy.

I’ve been spending as much time as I can down at Occupy Wall Street, listening to the speeches, reading the literature, talking to the organizers. Here’s something to keep in mind: You’ll hear in a lot of the conservative media that this is some kind of socialist/communist enterprise piggybacking on a populist protest. In reality, it is much worse than even most of the conservative media is reporting…almost every organized enterprise and piece of printed material I have encountered has been socialist or communist…

Read it here: Follow the Red Flag




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