Obama’s Failure on Iran

Obama took office with the promise of using his special brand of diplomacy rather than force to deal with aggressive nations such as Iran. The increased sword rattling of Iran is a direct result of Obama’s soft diplomatic policy and has enabled Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons to continue.

Britain is now preparing for the possibility of military action being taken against Iran while Israel is making it clear that it will not allow Iran to achieve nuclear weapon capability. An upcoming report from the International Atomic Energy Agency on Iran’s nuclear capabilities is expected to increase international concern and make military action more realistic.

A senior Whitehall official in Britain expressed concern that Iran has been resilient in the face of sanctions and said Iran appears to be “newly aggressive, and we are not quite sure why”. It is no coincidence that Iran’s aggressiveness has increased as Obama’s chances for re-election have decreased. Iran took full advantage of Obama’s toothless policy for three years and is now trying to make as much headway as it can before a new administration takes over and takes a harder stance.

Britain officials recognize that the US could handle this alone, but also know that Obama is highly unlikely to “accelerate towards military action” with elections on the near horizon, so they are preparing for a “strategy of pressure and engagement” to thwart Iran’s nuclear program. Israel is preparing to take action against Iran, but Obama does not appear to be interested in offering assistance or approval.

China, too, is taking advantage of weak US policy and has been providing missiles and other advanced arms to Iran in direct violation of UN sanctions. The UN has proven itself to be almost useless without US support, so there is very little incentive for China to stop. With complete troop withdrawal from Iraq imminent, Iran is anticipating use of those weapons in the near future. Obama’s policies have made it all possible.

David J. Hentosh

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