Violence at Protests – No Kidding?

What can anyone expect when people with no common goal (many with no job) gather together to rail against anything and everything, are encouraged to look upon the rich (or those better off) as scapegoats for all ills, and are allowed to remain in place breaking the law with impunity? When you add free food, media sympathy, and anarchists intent on overturning “the system”, you have a recipe for disaster.

Violence has been escalating at “Occupy” protests around the country and authorities fearful of putting a stop to the chaotic behavior have been nothing more than enablers. The word is out at many of the protests to discourage anyone from reporting theft, personal assault, or even rape in order to protect the image of the protests. Too late. Photos, reports, videos and interviews have already done that and the only surprising thing is that action hasn’t been taken earlier.

In cities across the nation such as Oakland, LA, Seattle, NY and Denver where the protesters have been sympathetically allowed free reign, violence is breaking out with the first attempts at dispersal and containment. It is a well known fact that putting a stop to any freebie is met with extreme, indignant resistance. This is proving to hold true with the “Occupy” protesters who have been adopting the attitude of entitlement that rioters in socialistic European countries display.

Perhaps if there was a unifying purpose these protests would have had a positive outcome. Perhaps if the media wasn’t hypocritically eager to sanction them as a counter to the hated Tea Party they would have become more popular. Perhaps if free food wasn’t available and free camping in public areas disallowed there would have been more of an ambiance of seriousness.

Unfortunately, violence almost always results when laws and regulations are repeatedly ignored and when frustration dictates behavior. History shows this to be true. History also shows that human nature cannot be subdued by idealism but that, too, has never been accepted.

David J. Hentosh


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2 Responses to “Violence at Protests – No Kidding?”

  1. Bill Says:

    I along with my wife and my son were at the Americans for Prosperity convention in DC this past weekend (with 2300 others). There were 300 hundred (wall street) protesters outside the convention hall banging on the windows and shouting . On Friday a women from Pa was knocked down leaving the convention hall. She was at the convention again on Saturday. She has more backbone and convection than the cowards that knocked her down.

    We need more people like this women to stand up to these thugs.

    Bill Kolek

  2. Basharr Says:

    Excellent post, I was born and raised in Oakland California. I have since moved to the northern sierra mountains. It is still heart wrenching to watch a city that now looks like a war zone to be engulfed in this violence under the guise of peaceful protests. It is out of hand and my hope is that the police will be allowed to do their job without much more injury. This may sound cold but this is America and when I see Molotov-cocktails being hurled at police I say let them do what they must to shut this BS down.

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