Elite “Wisdom” From Bill Maher

Elitist Bill Maher rules his HBO show with a totally biased hand, butchering and ignoring facts that get in the way of his quest to shock ratings out of his biased TV audience. Many believe he is “dummying down” his message for an audience he does not respect, but the “dummy” may actually be in the elite messenger.

When faced with a different view, and usually a more rational view, than his own, his elite wisdom kicks in with personal attacks that come right from the schoolyard – the place where he is most comfortable. His recent comment that “Jon Huntsman can suck my c–k” is a product of his elite intelligence. Even Chris Matthews, another far-left elitist, couldn’t convince Maher that he might be seeing things in the wrong light. Maher rushes to the schoolyard when his superior intelligence is challenged instead of attempting to defend his twisted views. It is a natural tactic of the elite.

Maher makes his living rolling in the mud that he offers as elite entertainment to his audience. He gleefully ran a movie trailer that ended calling Newt Gingrich “a fat womanizing blowhard”, an insult that dovetailed well with his calling Rick Perry “a drinker” and Mitt Romney “a phony”. That is as deep as his political “analysis” of the GOP debate goes. Intelligent rebuttal seems to be way over his elite head, so he goes for laughs with cheap, ignorant comments, abetted by a media who treats it as political punditry.

It sounds impossible, but Bill Maher gives far-left elitists a bad name. At the very least, he makes it much harder for them to be taken seriously. As long as he remains a poster-boy for the elite, they will never find acceptance with the majority of Americans. That makes failure of his show and his going away for good a very bittersweet desire.

David J. Hentosh

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