Collision of Science and Politics

The latest round of leaked e-mails of climate scientists proves, once again, that science and politics don’t mix well. No matter how you “interpret” the e-mails or “take them out of context” as some have accused, reading them leaves little doubt that politics is a factor in the scientists’ evaluations. That is enough to taint the credibility of anything they report.

The “consensus” that the media continually tells us exists in the scientific community concerning climate is always challenged by members of that same community. Some have expressed the difficulty they have in doing so because it goes against the grain of the far-left agenda found in many of the places they work. Agenda-driven science is meaningless.

The release of the latest e-mails was carefully timed to coincide with this year’s UN climate summit. This, too, is politically motivated and suffers the consequence of appearing as nothing more than a political stunt. The entire climate issue has become a subject of public scorn, negating any facts that emerge from scientific studies.

The mixing of politics and science was the catalyst for the Solyndra scandal. The administration’s “green” agenda idealistically tried to force new, expensive technology onto a public unwilling to pay the price. Convinced of its own scientific savvy and bolstered by political opposition to it, the administration backed this failure to the tune of a half billion taxpayer dollars.

The Chevy Volt, another administration-backed technological solution, is now having problems with fires. The government agency due to investigate said it “…continues to believe that electric vehicles have incredible potential to save consumers money at the pump, help protect the environment, create jobs and strengthen national security by reducing our dependence on oil”. After expressing that much faith and belief in the Volt, can anyone really expect this agency to objectively investigate?

Government grants have historically been a boon to science, but politics has now become the fly in the ointment. Unless this stops, scientific research will become just another slice of American excellence found only in history books.

David J. Hentosh


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