‘Victory’ a Dirty Word

In a recent interview, Vice President Biden verbally strutted like a peacock in a victory dance over the removal of troops from Iraq, emphasizing that the administration is “…not claiming victory”, making his victory dance look pretty foolish. This is the same Joe Biden who adamantly predicted that the surge in Iraq would not work. The surge, of course, was a Bush strategy that paved the way for what Biden is now claiming ownership of but, wink-wink, not claiming a victory.

As he does every time he speaks longer than 20 seconds, Biden let his mouth get the best of him and further informed us there is no validity to “…the idea that there is sufficient capacity to bring down this government (Iraq), to fundamentally alter this democratic process that is under way.” Forget for a moment how much like ‘victory’ that sounds and contemplate the hubris involved. Of course he immediately warned, again, that “We’re not claiming victory”, just in case he was misunderstood.

The very idea of “victory” is distasteful to this politically correct administration (and the far left), so Biden needs to be concerned about it. President Obama, back in 2009, told us that he is “…always worried about using the word ‘victory’…” so it should be no surprise that this administration’s policies for Iraq and Afghanistan were never geared for winning or a ‘victory’. Those policies were always geared for nothing more than Obama’s personal political gain. Biden, being an excellent sycophant, understands this perfectly.

David J. Hentosh


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