Entitlement Culture on Display at Protests

The Occupy protests are a perfect example of the consequences of allowing, and encouraging, an entitlement culture to flourish. Traditional values, the foundation upon which this country was built, were conspicuously absent at the Occupy protests. In their stead we saw self-righteousness, jealousy, class warfare, rage, and idealism – the new values of the entitlement culture.

Politically sympathetic officials allowed, and even encouraged, protesters to take over public grounds, illegally set up camp, and disturb the peace and commerce with impunity. Now, some protesters are arrogantly enraged and refusing to give up what they have been led to believe is theirs. Angry resistance occurs every time any entitlement is rescinded.

Many of the young Occupy protesters expressed a demand for free college and the erasure of all debt for school loans. This not only belittles millions who succeeded without such handouts, it highlights the arrogant entitlement mindset. Suffering the indignity of a hardship or working to overcome obstacles in pursuit of goals seems to be beneath them.

This attitude should come as no surprise because they were conditioned to be that way. It is a consequence of society’s ‘progressive’ trends. Never being told “no”; constant praise with no criticism; soccer games with no score-keeping (but trophies for all); ungraded school assignments; stressing self-esteem over basic skills; individual rights with no responsibilities; unconditional acceptance over personal judgment; victimhood; politically correct indoctrination; slanted historical knowledge;  –  All have contributed to the entitlement attitude displayed at Occupy protests.

Strong character and strong values are not formed by idealistically imposed notions of an idyllic society. Reality is deaf to demands of fairness and those conditioned to expect it in all things end up living in a constant state of disappointment. It is not surprising to see that disappointment turn to rage.

The Occupy protests began with an understandable dissatisfaction with the “system” that caused our current economic woes. Most reasonable protesters went home when that point was made clear. It is time for the rest to go home and learn the difference between “want” and “need” and begin earning instead of demanding. Our progressive society doesn’t seem to be teaching those basic ideas.

David J. Hentosh


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