Unrealistic Climate Summit

The World Climate Summit (better titled “Occupy the World”) being held in Durban, South Africa has not been getting much media coverage even though it is full of progressive ideology. Perhaps that is because many of the ideas being floated there are so ridiculous they embarrass serious progressives.

The science chairman of the UN’s climate panel admitted that no one has been talking about climate science at this climate conference. Attempts at understanding the science would just be a detriment to the UN’s real goal of establishing a world government run by….you guessed it….the UN.

There is no chance of any agreement between nations at this conference, especially since Third World countries are immune from proposed regulations that would devastate Western economies. Therefore, the behind-the-scenes draft of further goals is little more than a wish list, but it reveals how far from reality these climate jockeys are – and how dangerous they can be.

Christopher Monckton, a renowned climate skeptic, summarized the goals “clearly” spelled out in the draft. Some of the main points he found were: An international climate court (with power only over Western nations); Establishment of rights of Mother Earth and “some parties” threatened by climate change; War and defense forces to cease because they contribute to climate change; Reduction of “more than 100%” in emissions by 2050 (Western countries only); A CO2 concentration target that ends up dangerous to plant life; Demands of $100 billion a year from Western countries – starting now (not a penny from third-world countries).

Highlighting the asininity of these demands, Christopher Monckton informs us that reducing emissions “more than 100%” (which, of course, is impossible) in the next 8 years would mean no more gas-run cars, trains, or airplanes and no more coal or gas-fired power stations. It would also mean no carbon-emitting fires in the caves we would all eventually end up living in.  Only windmills, solar power, and other “renewable” sources would be acceptable.

Of course, the UN’s world government would remain as the ultimate power source, deciding which third-world country would receive the benefits and spoils from each Western country forced to fail under the onerous regulations. That would turn the UN into the evil 1%.

David J. Hentosh


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