Finally, A Bright Idea From Congress

Congressional Republicans struck a deal on a spending bill that funds the government through the rest of the fiscal year. They compromised by dropping policy restrictions they tried to attach to the bill – except one. They did not back down from fighting a 2007 law that would have essentially made incandescent light bulbs obsolete.

The provision left in the spending bill stops the administration from spending any money to carry out that 2007 law, thereby, stopping it in its tracks. It may well turn out to be a temporary reprieve, but at least it brings common sense back to an issue that was decided upon with knee-jerk enthusiasm.

The CFL bulbs that are meant to replace incandescent bulbs are much more costly and, arguably, have not lived up to their promises. From health issues to bulb life issues, their use has brought controversy and concerns. The increased cost, alone, is a good enough reason to put aside a mandate for their use in this struggling economy.

The mandate for getting rid of incandescent bulbs was a politically correct product of over-eager environmentalists riding a “green” wave of the progressive agenda. This is the same agenda that vehemently espouses “pro-choice” on some issues while trying to severely limit personal choice on many others.

It is certain this bulb issue will resurface in the future but, for now, there is incandescent light at the end of the tunnel. We are also relieved from having to follow extensive EPA requirements for the disposal of broken CFL bulbs. That may actually be the bigger benefit of stopping the light bulb law.

David J. Hentosh


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