2011 Media Myths

The mainstream media, continuing its backing of a progressive agenda, was successful in propagating several myths during the past year. Some of these myths are ridiculous and some are very dangerous – and they all twist or deny facts.

The biggest myth of the year was Obama’s “winning” of the war in Iraq – by pulling US troops out against the advice of military commanders. This declared “end of the war” by Obama fulfilled his campaign promise but left Iraq as easy prey for Iran. Obama copied the Bush military surge (which he predicted would never work) and gained enough to allow him to abandon the country and declare “mission accomplished”. As a result, Iran will probably be declaring victory in Iraq in the upcoming year.

Speaking of Iran, Obama’s media-praised myth of international diplomacy (“talk softly and carry no stick”) has allowed Iran to advance its efforts to obtain nuclear weapons. Israel is now on the verge of a military attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities, putting the entire region in peril. Iran is brazenly rattling its sword in the Strait of Hormuz; North Korea is again raising tensions; and Russia and China are taking full advantage of the weak diplomatic style.

The “Stimulus” myth continues, along with unemployment and the rising national debt. Claims of creating jobs with the Stimulus bill abound and the media backs those claims with cherry-picked “facts” and dubious polls. Meanwhile, the stimulus intent of keeping unemployment under 8% has totally failed and many of the financial institutes that were “too big to fail” have failed anyway. The resulting increase in the national debt will be felt by our grandchildren’s children and the American Dream has been downgraded.

The great myth of Obamacare providing health insurance for all, lower insurance rates, better coverage, and lower government expenditures is still being floated by the media even as those balloons are bursting all around. Exemptions from Obamacare are being sought (and granted) by many companies finding nothing but economic ruin in the details. Obama’s promise of “keeping the health insurance you have” is evaporating as companies find it more beneficial to stop offering health insurance.

The media myth of Obama’s “superior intelligence” continues, though he has done nothing to validate its existence. The fawning over Obama by many media pundits brings nothing but praise, therefore, his omnipotence, along with his re-election, is broadcast as fact.

Myths die hard – but they do die. Perhaps November will bring about the demise of a few. Your help is needed in order to accomplish that.

David J. Hentosh

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