Obama Ramming Amnesty Down Our Throats

It has been quite obvious that Obama’s definition of “Immigration reform” is amnesty. His administration has arrogantly refused to enforce current immigration laws in an effort to force amnesty. Now, Obama has decided to ignore and bypass Congress, the American people, and the Constitution in order to bring about his personal vision of “immigration reform”.

Obama’s Department of Homeland Security came up with a new regulation that, in essence, repeals a current law and puts into effect a new law, ignoring that the separation of powers set out in the Constitution does not allow such law-making. This new regulation undercuts a current law spelling out the process to become a legal resident and makes it much easier for thousands of illegal immigrants to remain in the US and become legal residents.

This new regulation is defined by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano as a “focus on family unification”, but it is an end run around Congress and a blatant political move to garner votes from Hispanics. The fact that this regulation can eliminate the hardship of family separation for some illegal immigrants is recognized, but it does not justify this administration’s forcing of policies, laws, and ideology onto the American people.

Obama has ignored and bypassed opposition to many of his policies by just ramming them through by hook or by crook. As long as he is in the White House, there is no possibility of real immigration reform. If he gets re-elected, any reform proposed will be force-fit into an amnesty package before he signs off on it.

Amnesty is as much a part of Obama’s personal and political agenda as Obamacare. Unfortunately, it is the enacting of policies that Obama considers paramount, not the consequences. Obama’s willingness to give Obamacare waivers to hundreds of companies and unions is a good example and a warning. Consequences do not play a part in Obama’s plans to ram amnesty down our throats.

David J. Hentosh

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